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Fiber Nails Fiber Glass To Acrylic


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Fiber Nails Fiber Glass To Acrylic Nail Salon Fiberglass Nail For Extension Set


  • Glass Fiber specially prepared for Nail Extensions. The length is free, the price is 4g, OPP Bag packing
  • High Quality Fibers
  • Soft
  • Don't Bite or Sting
  • Easy application and adherence
  • naturally in the end result

Package Content:

  • 10 x 5.5CM fiberglass,
  • 1 x Box 3CM fiberglass 3g
  • 2 x Black tweezers pair
  • 1 x Half-month rubbing strip
  • 1 x 31MM transparent clip
  • 1 x Blue phototherapy pen
  • 1 x Undercoat bottle
  • 1 x Seal bottle
  • 3 x 12ML phototherapy extension bottles


How do fibernails:

Step 1: After the preparation of natural Nail Base Coat, and Glass Fiber
Step 2: make the Fiber sealed above and below with UV gel Construction
Step 3: Cure Nail under the UV Lamp / LED for 1 - 2 minutes. After a few seconds, it applies clamps to maintain the curvature
Step 4: remove the clips of the nails
Step 5: Technical sanding, this step is very important.
From Here the natural nail is in format;
Step 6: do not leave any upper Layer Cleaning Nails always Bright, and helps the durability of Nails!